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Can you say class action law suit?Any one else scammed by these con artist feel free to contact me.

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When you choose your doctor – was your first question, “How much is an office visit”?The answer I am sure is no. You may have wanted to know about his or her background, schooling, or experience. Price was probably a concern but certainly not the only factor. Another good example is auto insurance. Auto insurance is what I call a half product and half service. The product part is that you can get identical policies from different carriers.


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“We run into the damage they do every week. ” Would be home buyers pay hundreds of dollars to credit repair companies to dispute debts in their credit reports only to discover that not only have their credit scores not increased but they can’t qualify for a mortgage at all. How to Request a Copy of Your Credit Report At your request, credit reporting agencies must give you the information in your file, and a list of everyone that has requested it recently. There is no charge for the report if adverse action, such as rejection for credit, employment or insurance, has been taken against you in the past 30 days because of the information in the report. You are also entitled to a free report every 12 months if you are unemployed but plan to seek employment within 60 days, if you are on welfare, or if your report is inaccurate due to fraud. Otherwise, reports cost $8.